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[What is white cheesecake? ]

A Basque-style cheesecake made with "Noto Wine Blanc" produced by Noto Winery, a winery in Ishikawa Prefecture.


The refreshing sweetness and aroma of Muscat, which is the characteristic taste of Noto Wine Blanc, is expressed as it is, making it a fruity and fragrant cheesecake.



[All by hand]

The pastry chef blended several types of cream cheese to create a smooth texture.

Only 10 units are baked at a time. From mixing cheese, it was all made by hand while fine-tuning Noto wine. Please enjoy the change in texture and taste during the thawing time.



[perfect for gifts]

Each unit will be delivered in an original design box. Packing materials will be packed to ensure that the product does not lose its shape.



[How to defrost and how to enjoy]

Store in refrigerator for 18 hoursIf you bring it back to room temperature 30 minutes before serving, it will be even more delicious.

*Cut with a warm knife for a clean cut.


rich white cheesecake

Sales Tax Included
  • <Raw materials>

    cream cheese, chicken egg, fresh cream, granulated sugar, Noto white wine, cornstarch


    <Allergy indication (specific raw materials)>

    eggs and milk


    <Nutritional ingredients100per gram (estimate)>

    Calorie 283.8kcal

    6.3g protein

    Fat 20.9g

    Carbs 16.4g

    Salt equivalent 0.69g

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