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[What is red gateau chocolate? ]


A slightly sweet gateau chocolate mixed with Noto wine “Yama Sauvignon” NselecT to create a rich taste of gateau chocolate.


Enjoy an adult gateau chocolate with the rustic scent of wild grapes.



[All by hand]

In order to bring out the cacao flavor of the gateau chocolate, which was popular at the restaurant, we added the flavor of Noto wine NselectT.

All processes were carefully baked one by one by hand.



[perfect for gifts]


Each unit will be delivered in an original design box. Packing materials will be packed to ensure that the product does not lose its shape.



[How to defrost and how to enjoy]


Store in refrigerator for 18 hoursIf you bring it back to room temperature 30 minutes before serving, it will be even more delicious.

*Cut with a warm knife for a clean cut.

Solid red gateau chocolate

Sales Tax Included
  • <Raw materials>

    Chocolate, unsalted butter, Noto wine red, egg, granulated sugar, cake flour, cocoa powder


    <Allergy indication (specific raw materials)>

    Egg, milk, wheat


    <Nutritional ingredients100per gram (estimate) >

    Calorie 353.3kcal

    6.5g protein

    Fat 26.3g

    Carbs 22.5g

    Salt equivalent 0.31g

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